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We build accessible blockchain-based platforms that help you exchange money credibly and transparently with speed and accuracy, turning transactions between business and investor, charity and donor, supply chain and manager, into trusted agreements.

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Rocket is the world's first end-to-end token issuance and fundraising platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain and designed so that anyone can get up and running in no time.

With Rocket, you can design your token, set the rules of your sale, promote your product, and collect your funds -- the future of fundraising has arrived.

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Rocket: Token Issuance Platform

With CryptoTaxes, Vanbex is helping to finally bring the cryptocurrency revolution to the masses. CryptoTaxes makes it easy to calculate and file tax obligations for digital currency transactions, no matter how many trades you have for the year.

Check out CryptoTaxes now, and stay ahead of the next year's tax season.

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Tried, tested and trusted

All of our software platforms and smart contracts are independently audited by the best in the business before launch. We protect our users through best practice, due diligence, legal compliance and the highest standards of scrutiny, for error-free code from end to end.

Our Services
Project Discovery & Scope Definition
Project Discovery & Scope Definition

Before any development begins, our team facilitates gap analysis sessions to explore concepts and requirements for these fundamental project areas:

  • Business process and requirements
  • Public or private blockchain feasibility
  • Success and performance indicators
  • User interface design and screen flows
  • Architecture and development stack
  • Proof-of-concept planning
  • Project roadmapping
Application Design
Application Design

Our team of product designers work to ensure your blockchain solution creates a smooth experience for your users.

  • User journeys
  • UI/UX flows
  • Wireframing
  • Product Design
  • GoogleX methodology
Blockchain Product Development
Blockchain Product Development

Once the project is defined and the requirements are documented, we begin the building process with focus on these specific areas:

  • Proof of concept designs
  • Platform requirements and documentation
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) specification development
  • Blockchain architecture definition
  • Smart contract engineering and deployment
  • Legacy system integration
  • API requirements and development
Smart Contract Development
Smart Contract Development

With a focus in the following areas, we work with clients to build persistent protocols that are dependable and compliant:

  • Functionality requirements
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Technical audit
  • Smart contract specification
  • Testing
  • Testnet/Mainnet deployment
Educational Workshops
Educational Workshops

We train your people. A hands- on process designed to define, and meet the blockchain knowledge needs particular to your business. From blockchain introduction to protocol level integration. materials will be curated to fit your project and team.

Blockchain decryptified

Our mission is to bring blockchain to the masses. That’s why our applications reimagine its possibilities for easy use by everyday people. We put the technology in your hands so that you can secure systems, digitize shares, connect to investors, manage information, and leave the back end to us.



FUEL is an ERC20 token that powers transactions and payment for users of the Rocket platform. As Vanbex Labs continue to grow its product portfolio, FUEL will continue to play a central role on our SaaS platform, creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for our users.


VanDev Meetup

Led by our very own Bevan Hunt, VanDev is Vancouver’s largest meet-up group for everything software. The 7,000-member strong community gathers on a monthly basis, where planned talks guide software developers to hone their skills and learn from their peers. The latest meetup took place at Vanbex offices, and focused on Prototype Thinking. Click here for photos of the event.

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Etherparty is evolving

In line with our revitalized philosophy of experimentation and innovation, our development wing Etherparty will be returning to the fold as Vanbex Labs. Our suite of blockchain-based applications is growing, so stay tuned for news on what's cooking in the Lab.