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We develop effective strategies accompanied by leading marketing and communications services for blockchain businesses. Contact for free initial consultation.

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Consulting and Strategy

We take a tailored approach to shaping the future of every client we manage. We combine deep business insight with a strong understanding of how blockchain technology can impact existing business infrastructure and operations. Developing blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses since 2013, we’ve become hyper-specialized in building out the elements of a successful client strategy: a compelling product use case, clear demonstration of the technology, and a robust and engaged community.

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Marketing and Communications

Effectively positioning and communicating the real-world solution that your technology addresses builds strength for your project; leveraging the right blockchain-specific channels and media to create momentum sets you up for success. Our team of blockchain, smart contract, and cryptocurrency experts are ready to embrace your brand’s vision and showcase it to the world.

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Communicating the unique value and use case for your token or blockchain project is top priority. A crowdsale should include in-depth due diligence, a community-drive, technical white paper, project transparency via a token offering memorandum, and a clear outline of the ecosystem being built. We'll work with you as a guide through the entire process, which includes establishing inroads to the blockchain investment world. Vanbex ensures your brand and platform will be ready for a successful fundraise and launch.

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Our Success Stories

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Vanbex helped us get great online exposure, including multiple large engagements through Reddit and blogs. We would highly recommend them to anyone else.

Shawn Wilkinson
Lead Developer & Founder


Vanbex really knows their audience and is great at using the right platforms to reach the right people. It would have been impossible for us to have gotten up to speed so quickly without them.

Brennen Byrne


Vanbex provided the personalized support and expertise Factom needed to spread the word about its technology and become one of the most recognized brands in the Blockchain space.

David Johnston
Chairman of the Board