Vanbex On the Road: WBC, TechCrunch, FUEL, and the Future

Vanbex on the road world blockchain conference

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of adventure for Vanbex and Etherparty. If you have been following our news, you will already know that we have had a fruitful month connecting with blockchain thought leaders in China. Now that we’re back home, we thought it would be the right time to share our experience with the community.

We made our first stop on June 29th, at the World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen, China. Hosted by, one of the leading source for all news cryptocurrency and blockchain in China, the conference had over 5000 guests in attendance, representing some of the most influential projects in the blockchain space.

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We left the conference energized and humbled by the thirst of knowledge and collaboration, in a historical city fast-becoming one of the biggest hot beds for tech development in the region. Our next stop took our team to the picturesque city of Hangzhou, famous for its traditional gardens, intertwining canals, and now a booming tech scene. At Tech Crunch Hangzhou, Kevin Hobbs, CEO of the Vanbex Group, also had a chance to present on Etherparty, FUEL, and the future of Vanbex products.

This trip is a snapshot of the exciting trajectory that the industry is on. At all corners of the world, across borders, languages, and culture, people are working on ways to harness the full potential of this paradigm-shifting technology to solve the biggest problems of our generation. Rewarding trips like this is a reminder to us, and hopefully others, of the importance to stay connected to the industry to fuel ideas and solutions.

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With the trip concluded, it’s now time to continue building on Vanbex and Etherparty. It was a great opportunity for our team to connect and collaborate with some of the biggest and brightest minds in blockchain, and we can't wait to get out on the road again and learn from the global development community. As always, join our conversations online and follow our channels to get the latest news or update. Thank you for your inspiring support.

Looking for the World Blockchain Conference presentation transcription? Please see below:

Process and infrastructure. Civilizations throughout history have risen and fallen due to these two important factors. The Romans conquered in their era. Why? Because they built better roads. And those roads allowed their soldiers and supplies to get and from the battle field better and more efficient than any other enemy. The British conquered in their day because they built better boats. Those boats allowed them to navigate the seas and discover new territories that they began to conquer.

We're now living in the digital age. And the internet is our world. What we do online is we transfer, secure, store, and share information of all kinds. And blockchain technology are the new roads that allow us to navigate this digital world in a way that we've never been able to do before. The one thing that the internet has been lacking is trust. For the first time in history, we can now trust in technology based on blockchain advancements.

Tokens are the vehicles of information that we use to get on and off these digital roads. And you can store just about anything in them. Bitcoin is information of value. You can store information of ownership, identity, and just about everything else due to blockchain technology. At the Vanbex Group, we've been specializing in blockchain since 2013. We've worked with over 100 companies to date, some of the biggest ones that you all recognize, were our clients back in the beginning when they were figuring out how to build their own blockchain technology and infrastructure. And we were there to help them and learn from that. We've helped companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars. We've built more crowdfunds than any other company. But what we realized was that no one was really building technology that spoke to the masses. That's when we built Etherparty.

In 2015, we built Etherparty as a way to pay our developers. We built the smart contract and an API that spoke to GitHub, and when the did the proper code commits, they got paid. We then realized that we had something more with the engine that we built with Etherparty. We had an engine that we could deploy on any blockchain, not just Ethereum, hence the name Etherparty, which is how it started. We quickly realized that with this engine, we could allow anybody to create smart contracts on any blockchain.

When you hear of companies building bigger, better Bitcoins, bigger, better Ethereums, we didn't take that route. We wanted to build applications that sat on top of the blockchain to allow the masses to take advantage of the benefits of this technology. We went back to the drawing board and started to build easy to use applications.

Today, we have three products that are going to be launching very shortly on Etherparty's platform. The first product is called Rocket, and that is a fully transformed crowdfund that allows you to build tokens,crowdfunding contracts, watch contracts, full token pages, all your SEO in the marketplace, fully secure, and it does this in under five minutes. What you used to be able to do in a few months, couple hundred thousand dollars, our platform allows you to do on Bitcoin and Ethereum in minutes. This democratizes the process that we take for granted when we're building any type of tokens or infrastructure on the blockchain.

Now, our Fuel token is a bit unique. Almost all tokens operate in a way that they have to pay gas or transaction fees in order to use them and they're stuck to one blockchain. With our token, you don't have to own any other token to deploy any other smart contract on the Etherparty platform, so whether that's Bitcoin, or that's Ethereum, in the future, whether that's Hyperledger or any other blockchains that we deploy on. The only token that you need is Fuel. That's the only token you require to launch on any blockchain that is in the Etherparty platform.

Etherparty speaks to a whole host of individuals. Whether you're a consumer, whether you're enterprise, big business, or someone really just looking to use blockchain technology for your own use case, or problem, Etherparty can solve that for you.

Next week, we launch our first platform, which is Rocket, globally at the Tech Crunch conference on July 2nd and 3rd. Through our partnerships, we've been able to develop many different smart contracts, whether that be supply chain management, escrow, Peer to Peer, legally binding, it all happens on Etherparty, democratized in a very short period of time.

Thank you very much.

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