Vanbex Launches New, Improved Rocket With Support for Digital Securities


Vanbex is pleased to announce that the newest version of our Rocket token issuance platform, known internally as “Rocket 2.0” has completed final testing this week. We are now officially in production mode!

This means that the demo environment we rolled out two weeks ago can now take a security token offering to completion on the primary Ethereum network (the “mainnet”).

Companies interested in releasing their own digital security offerings will begin their project on Once new issuers have set up the details of their offering -- things like token specifications, offering landing page, and important offering dates -- they can move on to finalizing their documentation and payment. Then, it’s just a few button presses to launch that security token, utility token, or cryptocurrency to the market.

Vanbex and the Rocket team are very excited to reach this important milestone. As the market for digital securities continues to grow and mature, we believe that our newly updated Rocket platform is well positioned to provide wider access to the most exciting area of modern finance, and help an all-new array of companies use the power of blockchain to make their mark on the world.

Check it out now.