Vanbex Labs Showcases Rocket 2.0, Trusted Platform for Tokenizing Securities


... Developed by Vanbex Labs’ research and engineering team, this powerful all-in-one solution allows companies to set up their Security Token Offering (STO) in minutes, without any technical knowledge required, and while lowering costs to a fraction of that associated with traditional methods of securitization. Rocket 2.0 handles all of the back-end smart contracts associated with an STO, providing a simple and easy to use visual interface for security token buyers.

Issuers will have the ability to host their funding round, set up their campaign, launch a unique landing page, and get featured in Rocket’s Token Marketplace, which highlights some of the best, current and upcoming offerings on the platform. A funding round launched through Rocket will be connected to an internal crypto-wallet which helps issuers track amounts raised, while the landing page will allow all potential investors to view the issuing company, token, and funding round details. The experience of investing on Rocket’s website is similar to shopping on Amazon; with the added benefit of merchant (issuer) verification and built-in compliance measures. For investors, this means being able to invest in companies that are quality-controlled and pre-assessed...

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