Vanbex Labs launches Rocket 2.0 Sandbox Environment


Now anyone can test-launch a security or utility token, for free

Vanbex is proud to announce that starting today, anyone can try Rocket 2.0 for themselves! That’s because today we’re launching the Rocket 2.0 sandbox/demo environment, running off a blockchain testnet and delivering full capabilities to users -- for now on the testnet only. With its 2.0 release, Rocket from Vanbex adds support for the launch of all-new security tokens. 

Not sure if Rocket 2.0 can deliver what you need? The new sandbox environment allows you to do virtually everything but actually launch to the mainnet -- soon enough, however! 

Potential token issuers are able to sign up and input the specifics of their company, digital asset, and funding round, and Rocket 2.0 will deploy their token on the testnet. This gives the issuer access to their Dashboard page, from which they can manage their community, investor roles, funds (Ether) raised, and the details of the fundraising period. You’ll be able to customize and view your landing page, and tailor all aspects of the pitch to invest in your digital asset. Unlike other issuance platforms, Rocket also provides a wallet for on-platform collection of any funds you raise

wallet rocket
Best of all, testnet users will also be able to go through the full “investor flow,” including the accredited investor check, document signing, and receipt of digital funds. That means you can validate and troubleshoot the entire process of funding your digital asset, from beginning to end. Test investors can test buying into fractionalized portions of your digital asset via your test campaign, allowing ample time for campaign adjustment before Rocket 2.0 goes live.

Users will also be able to view the Rocket Marketplace and see user-generated landing pages, just like the live version of Rocket will provide. The marketplace is where you can find and invest in other token launch events, and where investors will find yours.

Rocket Marketplace

The sandbox provides a full look at what the Rocket 2.0 platform will be, complete with a community of projects that can feed off of one another’s insight and creativity.

Vanbex and Rocket 2.0 will soon let you make this testnet creation a reality with the click of a button, migrating your campaign to the mainnet and letting your asset generate all its value for you.

We at Vanbex couldn’t be more excited for our community to see the fruits of our labor, and for the hard work of our team to finally see the light of day. There’s more still to come, but for now, we invite you to spend some time exploring what Rocket 2.0 has to offer.

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