Vanbex Group Marks New Brand Identity with Two New Products

vanbex rebrand

After half a decade of business, Canadian blockchain company Vanbex Group unveils its new brand identity to coincide with its release of two much-anticipated products: Rocket 2.0 and CryptoTaxes. This rebrand follows a number of major accomplishments over the last 12 months, including the release of Rocket version 1.0, a string of exchange partnerships with Vanbex’s own FUEL token, as well as major strategic business partnerships.

“We have always seen ourselves as stewards of the industry, assisting and guiding all the way through. Our mission and vision to further the education and adoption of blockchain technology is further exemplified in our invigorated rebrand,” says Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Vanbex Group. “As a start-up company in the blockchain space, we have learned to navigate the many ups and downs this new industry has faced since its inception. The rebrand and launch of our products further demonstrate our ability to anticipate the changing needs of this industry and the masses who are looking to understand and utilize this technology.”

Vanbex Group will be the umbrella company of Vanbex Consulting and Vanbex Labs (formerly known as Etherparty). The new brand will bring together what used to be two separate pillars of the company, welcoming a more harmonious relationship across a strong marketing team that will focus on enterprise consulting backed by an established team of developers aiming to create more business-oriented applications.

“Since 2013, our company has been diligently involved with pushing the crypto industry forward through our services and technology. We will continue to develop new approaches and software products to advance what we believe is the next generation of Blockchain applications. We are very excited for the upcoming months as we roll out new product offerings, and this rebrand represents our evolution, who we are, and where we’re heading as we usher in a new era of blockchain connected economies.” comments Lisa Cheng, founder of Vanbex Group.

Rocket 2.0, one of the two products unveiled with the rebrand, has been a much-anticipated product launch and a significant milestone for the Vanbex Labs team. The end-to-end solution, initially designed for utility-based projects, now has the option to deploy security tokens, providing a sleek visual interface for security token buyers. Clients of Rocket 2.0 can set up their STO in minutes, without any pre-existing technical knowledge, making the platform the most user-friendly tool available in the market while lowering the cost to a fraction of that associated with traditional methods of securitization.

Releasing just in time for this year’s tax season, Vanbex’s second product to launch, CryptoTaxes, was designed initially an internal product to help Vanbex investors prepare for the impending tax season. The simple and lightweight program automates much of the tax information formatting process. It is user-friendly and compatible with a wide variety of workflows, so every tax professional can work its functions into their process. Now a solution that can save accountants months of manual calculations, CryptoTaxes is a proud outcome of what Vanbex Labs represent - a team building cutting edge blockchain technologies and creating products that have the ability to transform entire industries.

“I’m proud to say that at Labs, we are fully committed to ensuring issuers and investors on our innovative products that are highly secured and compliant.” Doug Dyson, Sr Project Manager at Vanbex Labs, further comments. “With the launch of Rocket 2.0 and CryptoTaxes, we will be providing both cutting edge digital securities management together with compliance to government regulations.”

Vanbex is a trusted blockchain consultancy providing competitive strategy, tools and expertise to enterprise business teams. Vanbex’s team of business, technology and marketing experts help others develop innovative blockchain solutions to launch token offerings and create real-world solutions that provide better transparency and trust to traditional transaction-based systems.

For media inquiries, please contact: Linda Peng, PR Manager, Vanbex, [email protected]