Etherparty to Work with Capiche to Ease Security Tokens Distribution via Rocket Platform


Etherparty Smart Contracts or just Etherparty is a Canadian company that focuses on blockchain technology. They recently announced that they would work with Capiche Capital. Capiche is a company that focuses on providing legal tech support. It is an online platform, which streamlines the process of raising fund while helping comply with all legal requirements.

The Collaboration

Capiche and Etherparty will work together to create a solution that ensures securities that are distributed via the Rocket platform by Etherparty comply will all laws. Rocket is the first product that Etherparty has been able to create. Thus far, it has proven to be quite user-friendly for the creation of tokens for crowd sales.

A user of Rocket can launch their project and then keep track of it without needing a huge development team. This solution is currently offered to utility tokens only. However, the next phase will make it possible to distribute security tokens to the masses...

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