Crypto May Be Struggling, But Blockchain is Thriving


...The blockchain is, in its simplest form, is a means of hosting information so that it cannot be tampered with – even by the people who collectively co-host that blockchain itself. This means that data, including unique registration numbers, can be kept secure and totally unique, allowing validated cryptocurrencies with a stable supply, and thus a stable value, to come into existence. That core ability to do so, called “trustless” hosting, can be used much more widely than just validating unique IDs, however, which is the entire point of the blockchain.

Right now, blockchain technology is being developed by groups as diverse as IBM, Wells Fargo, and both the U.S. and Chinese governments. Private investment is becoming more anemic as the market weakens, but corporate interest is arguably stronger than ever. That’s because as the crypto-economies that the blockchain made possible begin to come down to a more sustainable valuation, the core technology continues to advance at an ever-higher pace....

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