Blockchain Technology Vital in the Race to Make Cities Smarter


“Smart cities.” It’s a term you’re likely to hear frequently these days in conversations about urban planning. Governments at every level around the world – and the companies eager to partner with them – are focusing their attention on new technologies that allow them to manage and deliver services more securely and efficiently. For example, the Government of Canada recently launched the Smart Cities Challenge, offering a $50 million grand prize to the municipality with the most innovative ideas for using data and connected technology to address local issues.

One local company is helping fund and develop the kind of blockchain systems that could be a natural fit for smart cities. The Vanbex Group has been working with clients in blockchain technology since 2013. Originally providing marketing and support services for companies looking to launch initial coin offerings (ICOs), Vanbex has since expanded its suite of services to include building intuitive, easy-to-use smart contract solutions. Etherparty is one such tool: a platform developed by Vanbex that allows users to easily create and manage their own smart contracts on the blockchain. The company has also established Vanbex Ventures to fund promising blockchain startups...

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