Blockchain is Making it Possible for Anyone to Buy Shares in Apple and Facebook


... Vanbex Group founder Lisa Cheng believes the tokenization of traditional shares will lower entry barriers. She told me tokenization will also eventually remove much of the unnecessary baggage and costs that come with trading.

“Tokenization of shares will actually disrupt a lot of the tertiary businesses that exist today, namely shareholder services and registrars,” she said. “Rocket has incorporated shareholder tracking so that at any time issuers can view who is holding its stock and at what allocations. As well, Rocket is planning to release dividends and voting functions — shareholder rights that have historically needed shareholder service companies to help facilitate can now be done on the blockchain in a much more efficient and transparent manner.”

Cheng also said companies can use Rocket 2.0 to set lock up periods for their shares and that compliance is embedded into the platform, in that shares are only transferred to approved and accredited investors. More significantly, the use of smart contracts in automating the issuance of tokenized shares could radically change global stock markets by making it easier for investors and traders in one country to buy shares in a company based in another...

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