Blockchain Geopolitics: Is It East vs. West or Is It Large Countries vs. Small?


While Canada has delayed its crypto regulation update until 2020, Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) and General Michael Hayden are joining other prominent leaders in the crypto space at Korea’s Block Seoul event. Could it be the East is winning the blockchain race, attracting the brilliant minds of the West while the Western countries become client states?

As Kevin Hobbs, the CEO of The Vanbex Group explains: “Since September 2017 China has banned ICOs, prohibited crypto exchanges and blocked foreign exchanges.” Vanbex is a Canadian company with a great community in China. “That being said I was recently in China at multiple conferences and visiting with multiple blockchain companies and heard nothing but good things about the support the government is giving them. Their work ethic was incredible to see and their belief that blockchain is the future was very evident. I think those countries have a work ethic that gives them a competitive advantage and the ability to move faster to be ahead of the rest...”

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