5 Ways That We Can Help Stabilize The Cryptocurrency Market, With Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Vanbex


I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Hobbs a technology founder, recognized leader in the blockchain ecosystem, and currently the CEO of Vanbex Group and Etherparty. As an early entrant into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Kevin is a veteran of the industry. His blockchain expertise, combined with over a decade of management experience as a professional and entrepreneur has allowed Kevin to grow the Vanbex Group of companies into one of the largest blockchain solutions providers in Vancouver.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us the story of how you got involved with the Regtech or Crypto markets?

I’ve always been a trader, and I first heard about Bitcoin in 2010 and I immediately took an interest, however, it wasn’t too nascent at the time. Three years later in 2013, I saw someone selling a car online only accepting Bitcoin, and once again, I was intrigued; however, the process of making a purchase back then was still not user friendly, and getting into the space wasn’t easy. In 2015, I did a deep dive into crypto after meeting Lisa Cheng, the founder of Vanbex, I saw the true potential of crypto, and believe that it will actually change our infrastructure forever. When it came to trading back then, there was little risk and high reward because the few tokens that existed weren’t worth too much and Bitcoin at the time was only $250. During times that were slow, I started doing market analysis and learning more about the space and educating myself, and became successful doing trading in the space across multiple coins on various exchanges...

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